Monday, 22 August 2016

Hidden Gems At Moville Boutique Hostel, Inishowen

By Denise Henry, Marketing, Inishowen Tourism 
Located close to the picturesque seaside town of Moville, Inishowen, is Moville Boutique Hostel.
Arriving at the site you will be welcomed by quirky colourful signage and an inviting exterior, pictured above. Inside you will meet Cressida Canavan Manager at Moville Boutique Hostel, who kindly gave me a tour of the property. For all of you that love your pets you will be delighted to hear that Moville Boutique Hostel is pet friendly. This little lady pictured below gave me a greeting as soon as I arrived.
Indoors you will find a games area, kitchen/dining room and for those of you who enjoy reading, there is a library on the second floor, pictured below, which overlooks the vibrant green woodland surrounding the property. At the property you will find a range of accommodation,  with rooms that have unique themes and finishing touches. Adding to the charm of the building is traditional stonework  found throughout the Boutique Hostel. This is a product of the conversion of the hostel from farm buildings originally located on the grounds.

Overall there is a feeling you will get at the property of being in the countryside but in reality you are beside a town. On the grounds there are two rivers running close to the hostel, one of which is called the River Bredagh. Four bridges are present in total and guests are welcome to fish for brown trout and eels that have been spotted in the rivers. From the property you can follow a scenic trail, along the river and through the woods to Moville town, a short distance away.

One of Irelands Oldest Bridges at Moville Boutique Hostel

A little gem on the grounds is a traditional stone bridge, argued by many to be one of Ireland's oldest bridges. The bridge itself is thought to date from the 6th Century and according to legend was built by St Patrick who stopped here on his way to a nearby ancient site at Cooley. On the footage above, you can see the bridge and the peaceful grounds surrounding it. 

For the Love of Camping at Moville Boutique Hostel

On the grounds is a camping area, pictured above, with facilities to pitch a text, have a small campfire and BBQ, which adds to the outdoor and rustic feeling you will experience during your stay at Moville Boutique Hostel.

An added bonus during your stay is the chance to see some of the adorable farm animals, pictured above, on their working farm located at the rear of the property. These animals include chickens, hens, geese, rabbits and goats. Stay posted for my next blog were I learn all about the work carried out between the Boutique Hostel and local communities in the area.

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