Friday, 13 May 2016

Inishowen hosts the Canadian Ambassador to Ireland &Wild Atlantic Way book arrives in Tourism Office

By Heidi Woods Tourism Development Officer


Inishowen Tourism attended the Laurentic Conference in Letterkenny and Commemoration ceremonies held in Inishowen on the 5-6th of May. It presented an opportunity to meet the Canadian Ambassador to Ireland during the course of the two day event. Kevin Vickers was appointed as the Ambassador of Canada to Ireland in January 2015 and this is his first official visit to Donegal. He previously served as the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Commons, and furthermore hailed as a hero by Canada’s parliamentarians, and other prominent Canadian and international figures for his actions in stopping the October 2014 attack at the Parliament of Canada.

The Laurentic Conference took place in The Radisson Blu Hotel. Five Keynote speakers Kevin Vickers (Canadian Ambassador for Ireland), Dr. Gordon Cooke, Paul Loftus, Seamus Butler and Colm McColgan were combined with local DCC and LYIT college representatives that welcomed this year’s event. Inishowen Tourism was pleased to be in attendance for this year’s event. The Canadian visitors embarked on a coach tour of the Peninsula that had started by a wreath laying ceremony on Friday May 6th at Mura's Church Ireland Cemetery Fahan at 10am. The Canadian Ambassador was in attendance throughout the morning, as was the respective clergy from both communities with local councillors. A further ceremony ensued at St Mary's Cemetery, Cockhill at 11:00. The reception took place at Fort Dunree at 12:00 noon; the sun shone over the beautiful location of the Fort and continued all day as the tour progressed around the Peninsula, what a day to showcase this area at its most spectacular!!.

Welcome packs were kindly provided by members and sponsors of the event; a copy of the Inishowen Visitor Guide to take home to Canada was on hand in the packs. During the course of the trip to Donegal the Canadian Ambassador revealed he was so impressed by the people and the place he would venture on himself to see “Irelands Most Northerly Point” at Malin Head, and furthermore arrange to come back. We look forward to helping with planning that when the opportunity arises. Over the two days further projects were discussed to include Inishowen, and this was both exciting and positive news to support our members and visitors in sustaining growth, and providing valuable additions in terms of what we can offer; building on our networking and collaboration activity to meet short, medium and long term goals.  

 Paul Clements well known former BBC journalist and author of the “Wandering the Wild Atlantic Way” launched the book in the Malone House in Belfast on the 15th of March. He has since been blazing the promotion trail throughout the country and sat with Sean Doherty on Highland Radio recently to discuss the book. Paul has had a good relationship with Inishowen Tourism attending events like our Northern Lights Celebrations in November last year and keeps in touch with all areas of development with keen interest in the next step of progress at Malin Head and Donegal as a whole. Paul has a passion that brings him back at a whim; he is yet to catch a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights. A copy of his book is in the Tourist Office and he has subsequently informed us of outlets to purchase a copy; a truly invigorating, both factual and funny book for the visitor and local alike to enjoy on the journey around the WAW. Don’t forget to catch up on daily images and updates on facebook at     

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