Tuesday, 30 June 2015

“Meeting the needs of the Visitor” Inishowen Tourist Office to open on Sundays

Inishowen Tourist Office continues to lead the way providing a valuable service to enhance the visitor experience here in the peninsula. Extending the opening hours from July 1st to meet the needs of the traveller, in terms of information and assistance is paramount to promote the excellent range of attractions, activities and landscape to explore. Whether it is face to face customer service assisting visitors plan their journey at the Buncrana office on a Saturday or Sunday, or updating those potential visitors online, Inishowen Tourism is proactive in their approach, and furthermore recognises that the tourism product is not based on a 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday programme of events.

The small business sectors are working irregular hours to support the tourism product here in the peninsula, and the team at InishowenTourism are responding to support both the members, and visitor expectations of a destination “open for business”. 

Tourism numbers have increased in Ireland, according to Failte Ireland. This rise is also reflected in the numbers of visitors within the peninsula since the launch of the “Wild Atlantic Way” in 2014. During the period January to April 2015, there has been a 40% rise in the footfall visiting the office compared to the same period last year. The two main market increases were from Germany, remarkably up by 117%, and US visitors by 104%.

Siobhan Kelly, Interim Marketing Manager at Inishowen Tourism stated, “Opening at the weekends, especially during the summer months, July and August, is about meeting the requirements of the visitor. The team are committed to showcase the peninsula as a "must see and explore destination” and therefore respond by “opening our doors” to suit the market we are serving”  she continued to say that 'there are only 2 other tourist offices in Co. Donegal opened on a Sunday and according to Failte Ireland's records only10 others throughout Ireland which are located in tourism hotspots like Dublin, Galway & Killarney. Sunday is a very important day for the domestic tourist who simply wants to jump into their car and go for a drive so we are opened and happy to assist.

Embracing all visitors’ needs both domestic and international, the travel advisors are more than happy to engage, and have specialist fluent speakers of our native language, French, and German. When planning a holiday or break away, visitors contact us online, or face to face at the weekend. With the introduction of the new opening times, Saturday 10am-5:30pm, Sunday 10am-4pm, office personnel are available to answer questions or give advice when other offices are closed, thus enhancing the customer service experience for the visitor. 

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