Friday, 3 April 2015

Gleneely Development Association: Cnoc an Uininn Panoramic Viewing Point and Spitfire Memorial Plaque

Please find the current press release from the Gleneely Development Association

Gleneely Development Association (GDA) is delighted to announce the opening of the Cnoc an Uininn Panoramic Viewing Point and Spitfire memorial plaque on Friday 10 April 2015 at 3.30 pm.
Following a break of almost 6 years, the Association reconvened in October 2011.  Among other matters discussed, the suggestion was put forward to commemorate the excavation, earlier in the year, of the Spitfire P8074 from the side of Glenshinny Mountain in the townland of Moneydarragh just outside Gleneely.  From this starting point, the project was developed to include the creation of a viewing point close to the crash site.  This site would also incorporate the Spitfire memorial and thus began a journey which will culminate with the official opening on 10 April 2015.  It has been acknowledged that the top of Cnoc an Uininn displays the most breathtaking views of the coast of Inishowen.  Members of the Association decided that this marvellous view should be shared with both locals and visitors.

After many planning meetings and with the agreement of Donegal County Council work commenced on the site in May 2014.  The Association arranged fund raising events to help meet the cost of creating the site.  We are grateful to Inishowen Development Partnership and Donegal County Council who contributed towards the cost.  We are also grateful to John Doherty (Owen), Community Employment, and his team of workers for their work in creating the walls.

The Association was delighted to receive recently a letter from Barbara Kucharczyk and Betty Wolfe, of North Carolina, USA, daughters of the pilot, Roland ‘Bud’ Wolfe, thanking us for creating a memorial to their father.  Commenting in this letter on their visit to Inishowen in November 2011 the sisters wrote: “We remain humbled by the efforts of so many to bring this piece of history into the present day.  We never imagined this chapter of our father’s life and military career would result in such a warm welcome to your land and to our joined histories.  Please extend our continuing gratitude and admiration for the long effort, commitment and inspiration demonstrated by your entire team.”

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